General informations

You need assistance to select the right entertainment, want to know how to proceed to contract our artists, and you are curious how we are handling the challenge on the day of your event - here we are!

OUR GUIDE for your entertainment

First contact

First contact

You can call us - our preferred way for a first contact, or complete the contact form on the contact site. Before you contact us, please take the time and have a detailed look at our services presented on this web.

Entertainment Consultancy

Entertainment Consultancy

You have ideas, but not sure if this will work, and how to convert it into reality, or having no idea. This is our main job, to help you with our experience from hundred of events produced for many different nationalities and cultures



After having talked about your desired entertainment we prepare an entertainment presentation which includes all prices and links to infos about the offered services, including our contract conditions, and how to confirm the entertainment

The Event

The Event

The equipment setup will be organised to have everything ready before your guests arrive, and latest 30min before the start of the performance. All artists are briefed by us, with all info you provided us latest 1 week before the event. Our technicians will break down the tech, always after your guests have left the area of the performance.

Reviews from some of our clients


1.) Can you mail us infos about the costs for entertainment?

Entertainment is emotions and a very personal issue, and we are offering so many possibilities. Therefor as first step we prefer a personal chat with you on the phone, before we send you prices.

2.) What are your booking conditions ?

Here is a link to our Contract Informations & Conditions: Click here

3.) What about Royalties and Performance Rights?

This is mostly relevant for public events, not for private and corporate events.
For detailed infos please contact us.

4.) We are organising our event on our own, can you give us tips for locations, catering, photographer etc ?

YES - To all clients, that have confirmed entertainment with us, we will send our collaborator contact list for free.

5.) What happens if we come late, or for any reason a performance has to start later than agreed ?

The artists are flexibel up to 30min without extra charge.
For detailed infos please contact us.

6.) Is it possible to book extra time after the end of the performance of the artists?

YES - always if the artists are available for more time.
For more infos and costs, please ask us.

7.) We want to prepare a little backstage catering for the artists, what do you prefer ?

Thank you so much - in general all kind of healthy food and beverage!

8.) Will there be silence when the artists take a break?

Our artists are prepared to play mp3 music during their breaks, regarding the style of their performance.

9.) We want to hire just a singer or saxophonist on their own, is it possible ?

We are offering exclusively 100% live entertainment, therefore they will be always accompanied by a pianist/keyboarder, or a guitarist, or a band. In some cases a Dj could work.
Please contact us for further info.

10.) Some of our guests want to perform a song together with the artists, is it possible ?

YES - please tell these guests to contact us a.s.a.p.. We will organise everything with them.

11.) We have a special request song, the artists are prepared to perform this song ?

Send us the song as mp3 or a you-tube link. We will check it with the artist and come back.
Important: The special request should fit with the style of the artist you want to contract.

12.) Can you send us demos of our special request, with the artists we selected ?

We can record your special request song(s) in our studio.
Please call us to talk about the procedure.

13.) You think it’s a good idea to have flamenco music during the dinner, as we are in Spain?

Flamenco music, even combined with a Flamenco dancer is a great idea for end of the dinner or even as after dinner show. For a Spanish ambient during dinner we suggest traditional or classical Spanish music.

14.) Do you deliver a microphone for speeches?

Let us know, and one or more wireless microphone sets for speeches will be included the estimate.

15.) Will the artists perform with a decent volume during dinner ?

YES! - We always design the sound system for dinner taking care of this issue, and our artists are aware too.