1.) Can you mail us infos about the costs ?
We offer a personalized service, and every event is a unique and a special challenge for us, every location has it‘s special needs. Therefore we can give you informations about the costs after a personal chat - by phone, on skype or a meeting at the location - knowing your wishes and ideas as best as possible.

2.) Do you have demos of the songs from the songlists ?
We have a lot of demos, but not from every song with every artist. We are recording new demos every winter, so we hope, one day we´ll have demos of all songs with every artist :-)

3.) Do you have demos of our special requests with the artists we selected ?
We can record some demos for you in our studio. We can send you an estimate about the costs for the production of the songs especially prepared by the artist just for your event.

4.) We want to prepare a little backstage catering for the artists, what do you prefer ?
Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness! Softdrinks and fruit juice, a lot of water for the singers, easy to handle fingerfood, salads, pasta, sandwiches or similar. In general: healthy & light diet - we have to work and can´t fell sleep. :-)

5.) What are your booking conditions ?
After accepting my entertainment concept and the corresponding estimate, you confirm the booking with a first payment of 30% of the whole amount. The final payment has to be done after soundcheck & before the artists start their show. Everything is also explained in my booking terms I send you with your personal entertainemnt concept & the estimate.

6.) For our company records we need a signed contract with all details, is it possible ?
YES, our booking contract is prepared in english, deutsch and español. Just let me know if the contract conditions attached to the entertainment concept is ok for you, or you need a separate booking contract.

7.) We are organizing our event on our own, can you give us some tips for locations, catering, photographer etc ?
YES, it will be a pleasure for us to help you, please contact me. You will also find a lot of info on this web.

8.) What happens if we come late, or we will need more time as we have planned for parts of the event ?
The artists are flexibel up to 30min without extra charge. In case of delay of the show of more than 30min, please ask them if they have to finish at the contracted time (+30min), or can stay longer if you pay for the extra time you want the artists to be present. Sorry about this, but sometimes we have to perform for more events the same day, and the other party won‘t be happy if we come late or even can´t perform caused by a delay during a former event.

9.) Some of our guests want to perform a song with the band, is it possible ?
YES, please send us the song and the desired key at least 1 week before. The performers have be to present during our soundcheck for a little rehearsal. If someone wants to play an instrument, they have to bring it in, or for a little extra fee we can organize an instrument. In case of singers, please tell me if they will need a microphone.

10.) Royalties and Performance Rights?
Yes, we can help you with the organisation of all needed contacts and papers, but the payment has to be realized by the promoter or the final client of an event. Also important: If you are contracting artists direct or through other contacts that are using tracks or backing music, be aware, that these tracks are licenced for professional use. Quiet a lot of artists are performing with tracks, that are licenced exclusively for private use, but not for professional use. Why? These artist are neither paying all needed licences or producing their own tracks like us, and therefor they can make better offers than us. But they are performing illegal!
Any copyright association (GEMA in Germany, SGAE in Spain) can give you more detailed information.
just an example:
1 solo singer with professional backing tracks, officially licenced or produced for them, has to charge nearly the same than a 4 piece band - because of the costs for legal tracks.

11.) We want to book a singer or instrumentalist with different accompanyists as you offer, or to perform with acompanyists provided by us, is it possible?
YES - But you have to take in consideration that the combination we offer is a well rehearsed team. Any other combination, or cooperation with accompanyists you provide has to be organized (arrangements, sheets, rehearsals etc.), which will cause extra costs, depending in the amount of work to prepare the material and the time needed for rehearsals. A part, the soloist takes the right to decide after the first rehearsal if he will perform with the changed accompanyists or insist in his well rehearsed team. For sure we will supervise and control the rehearsals to guarantee a perfect performance.

12.) When and how will you setup your instruments and equipment?
Without previous info we are setting up to be ready latest 30min before the start of the performance. If you want us to be ready earlier,
please contact me and we will discuss the various possibilities. In some cases it maybe necessary to contract extra technicians or vans or even etxra equipment for setup. In General: Sound, light, pianos and drums can be setup before, but the personal instruments (guitar, brass, strings etc) the artists are bringing in when they arrive for the performance.
Also it is very important, that the stage/performance area is covered to protect the equipment from sun or rain - both are not very friendly to our electronic equipment and especially not to wooden instruments like acoustic guitars, violins or cellos!
When contracting artists with electronic instruments, sound and light equipment, take care to provide enough electricity near to the stage - max 10m.
Because of security reason a musician shouldn't deliver more than 10m - he is not an electrician and doesn't know the standards of the right cable dimensions for longer distances. If needed, we can organize an electrician and deliver all needed gear (silent generators, high-tension distribution, high-tension cables and more) - please ask us! 
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1.) We have special requests for the songs during our ceremony. The artists we want to book are able to play them?
YES! - we can prepare any song for you, in any instrumentation. But you have to take in considaration, that:
     • a special service sometimes costs a little bit more - please contact me for details!
     • a spanish guitar-player won´t play rock songs and one of the other guitar-players is not specialized in spanish music.
     • Or: a Soul/Pop singer won't be able to sing classical music, and - a classical trained singer will be able to sing soul or pop, but it could
        sound a little bit strange, if the singer has no experience with contemporary music.
     • not every song sounds great in any instrumentation - please ask me!
     • before you ask for a special song, please check also the lyrics! Why? - One of the most requested songs (I will always love you) is a
       „seperation song“, and most people haven´t recognized the whole lyrics.

2.) It would be nice to have just a singer for our ceremony, is it possible?
All singers are not working a-capalla as soloist. In this case the singer has to use backing tracks which would convert the performance into a kind of "karaoke-show“. As we are offering 100% live entertainment, a singer has be accompained at least by piano/keyboards or guitar. A-capella is possible only as a choir with at least 4 singers - better 8 singers.

3.) It would be nice to have just a sax-player for our ceremony, is it possible?
In this case the sax-player has to perform with backing tracks, which would convert the performance into a kind of "karaoke-show“.
As we're offering 100% live entertainment, a sax-player has to be accompained at least by piano/keyboards or guitar.

4.) Our ceremony will take place on a finca in the countryside or in a little chappel without an organ or piano, can you provide an organ or piano, even a grand piano & a microphone with amplifier & speakers for the singer/s and the celebrant?
YES! - Just tell us where you will have the ceremony, the date and time and we´ll send you an offer with various posibilities. 
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1.) Do you have a microphone for speaches?
Yes! we can include a wireless micro for speaches in the estimate for your entertainment

2.) We are a little bit afraid about the volume of the music during dinner, we want that the people can talk to each other. Is it possible for your band to play at a decent volume?
YES! - Therefore we sugget for a dinner in a small venue an „acoustic-band“ without drums and bass, but with percussion to have easiear control about the volume.
A Part from this: In huge venues it is important for us to know about this issue, to design the right sound equipment for your needs. In this case we are using various small speakers distributed as „delay line“ all over the venue, instead of one big sound system at the stage.

3.) We would like to have flamenco music during the dinner, as we are in Spain. What do you think about our idea?
Spanish guitar music with a touch of flamenco is perfect for your dinner. Real & pure flamenco music is too loud and agressive during dinner, but perfect for an after dinner show of about 20-30min, or even during the desert & coffee-time; maybe upgraded with 1 dancer or a whole flamenco-show-group?
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1.) Will there be silence when the band takes a break?
For the breaks we are offering dj-service with prepared playlists. You decide about the style of music during the breaks: Easy-listening if you want the people to chat and enjoy their drink, or: partymusic if you want the crowd having party wihout any break.
All this in included in our price for your entertainment.
If you want to have professional animation before the band, during the breaks & after the band, we can offer you one of our event-Dj's.

2.) When do you mount the equipment for the party, because we will have dinner before at the same location?
We can setup 1 hour before your guests are arriving at the venue, our equipment is prepared and soundcheck is done. Lets talk about it
The musicians will be happy when you invite us for dinner - maybe in another room - till we start our show.

3.) What happens when the band has finished their show, and we want the party goin on?
It‘s up to you to book the band for aditional time - minimum 30min - or use the optional dj-service with a prepared mp3 playlist for up to 1 hour after the band has finished.
to be continued  . . .
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